About Rick Fisher

I love middle schoolers!!  I graduated from Western Kentucky University as a middle grades science and social studies teacher.  My first job was teaching 7th and 8th grade US and World History. Soon I was able to move to my first science classroom.  I taught 6th, 7th , and 8th grade science for several years before opportunity for an administrative position came available.


During this time, I was involved in many extracurricular activities for the school.  I sponsored the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. for 16 years, coached boys basketball, sponsored the Jr. Beta Club, served on the School Based Decision Making Council, and became a part time school bus driver when needed.


Today, I teach whenever the opportunity arises.  Mostly, through student programs such as Junior Achievement.  My experience so far has included first, second, and tenth graders. Teaching these courses allows me a chance to try out effective practices, at various levels, that we expect our teachers to use.  Keeping it real!!!

As a school principal and an assistant for a combined 13 years, I had many experiences dealing with behavior, interacting with parents, and addressing various student issues.  My greatest joy came from being the instructional leader. A mentor once told me to make sure that I spent at least some time every day focused on instruction. He said if I didn’t, a day would lead to multiple days, then weeks, then months and soon I would be out of touch.  Great advice!


Our school reached the state proficiency goal five years ahead of the projected schedule.  We became ranked in the top 10% of all middle schools in Kentucky and were named a National Middle School to Watch in Kentucky!  

I am a blue collar learner and spend a great deal of time studying best practice.  I love to imagine new innovations that support teachers and improves student learning.  


I was fortunate to have so many great teachers and staff members.  Without them, our success would not have been possible.

I currently serve as the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for Allen County Schools in my hometown of Scottsville, KY. Over the past nine years I have worked with teachers and administrators to develop a system of instruction which I call the Windows of Common Practice.  Windows refers to the idea that there are a set of best practices that should be common in all classrooms. During this time, our district has achieved its highest performance rating from the Kentucky Department of Education.


I am responsible for developing an annual professional learning plan that fosters the development of the critical aspects of Windows across our K-12 classrooms. I am a regular visitor of classrooms throughout the year where I collect data on our progress and offer support to teachers.


Another rewarding opportunity for me has been mentoring aspiring principals from across the southern region of Kentucky.